Waiting for Noah

Sunday evening, 6pm on April 15, 2007. Our pond (spring-fed) is endeavoring to empty under the road into the canal without much luck.
Monday morning, thirteen hours later. Wow. But as bad as it looks, it still has several feet to go before coming close to the flooding from Hurricane Floyd in 1999. Both floods were caused by the Millstone River overflowing into the canal which overflowed onto the road. Fortunately our house is high up on a hill so we are warm and dry.

Monday afternoon, 1pm. The rain has finally stopped. The arrow points to the high-water mark from Floyd. During that flood the river and canal joined up with our pond. We're a good two or three feet from reaching that. Although we are unaffected by the flood, nearby Bound Brook is particularly vulnerable. Two people died during Floyd, and most of the Main St. businesses were lost.

Scooter would have had a field day sniffing all the stuff that has washed ashore. Our driveway appears to be hosting its 2007 worm convention. They're all over the place, long and icky.

Sadly, pizza night has been cancelled.