Curacao 2005

Our scuba shop's annual store trip in November 2005 was to Habitat Curacao in Curacao, N.A., an island in the Netherland Antilles, approximately 40 miles off the coast of Venzuela. Its location puts it out of reach of most hurricanes, but the week we were there, Tropical Storm Gamma stalled somewhere near the island and it rained or poured just about the entire week. Since we were wet most of the time anyway, this was not an extraordinary hardship but it did put a damper on the vacation. Sunscreen was about as useful as a snow shovel, but the bug spray came in handy. Best of all, I had no contact with jellyfish, as I had 3 years prior at the same resort, when I practically wiped out the aloe plantings. Complaints aside, the diving was terrific, and we almost got to swim with dolphins when a pod of them emerged to play around our boat. These photos were taken with a Canon Powershot A80 and processed in Photoshop CS to add red. The blues are deeper than they were at depth, but they are a lovely alternative to the often dull green which appears as a result of my unwillingness to invest in a strobe.

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