Beer is so bloating, so Barbie heads off for a fruity rum beverage. "I hope they have those little umbrellas," she muses. "I love dressing up like Scarlett O'Hara.

"Ah, rum!" exclaims Barbie, "why shiver me timbers!" It doesn't take much to get Barbie just a teensy bit tipsy.

"Hello, I am your bartendress, Barbie. May I serve you? We have beer on tap for the men with tattoos, and fruity rum drinks for everyone else, if you know what I mean! But no umbrellas, boo hoo!"

The umbrella shortage is a real Barbie bummer.

"Help, help!!" exclaims Barbie, "there's been a terrible accident! I spilled my fruity rum drink and I can't get up!"

After a quick clean-up, Barbie is ready for some non-alcoholic fun.