Finally Barbie arrives at the resort and checks in at the front desk. "Oh dear, my butler forgot to pack my credit cards! But I'm not a big eater, I promise!" Barbie says, crossing her fingers.

After "politely" reminding the bellboy that she has seven suitcases, not six, Barbie runs out to the beach. Oh, how beautiful! The crystal clear sea reminds her of ex-boyfriend Ken's limpid blue eyes. "That worthless boy toy!" thinks Barbie, but reminded of the advice of her therapist, puts happy thoughts into her head and quickly forgets what a miserable plastic fake he was.

Barbie summons the bellboy from his station where he is gulping down Advil. "Get my surfboard!" What could be more awesome than riding the waves into shore? Nothing except for the fact that she cancelled her surfboard lessons two years ago when she found out that Brad, the gorgeous instructor had starting dating some guy Jean-Claude from the gym. What a waste that was. Well anyway, she looked fabulous with the surfboard and after all, that's what really matters.

Barbie decides that she needs a rest before continuing her Caribbean adventures. She convinces a friendly British tourist that he should see a doctor about the rash on his back, thereby freeing up his hammock.

Upon awakening from a dream involving the handsome young towel boy, Barbie remembers the advice of her holistic nutritional acupuncturist to wear sun protection and stay hydrated, so she applies a thin layer of SPF 2 to her nose and has a sip of water.